Before Noble

Wrapping the bouquets in windy Bend Oregon for the Wonderland Workshop. Photo by Julia Duke Photography

It all started in early 2013, when I fell hard for flowers. I was working in a local grocery store, and didn't really know what I was doing. Hopping from department to department until I ended up getting just that, the title of "Floater". I didn't really know that I was going to love the floral department, I always thought it looked boring and slow. After having to cover my first shift with the flowers, I was in love. I constantly offered to cover anyone's shifts that needed it and always found myself wandering over to that area during the day. I decided then that I needed to hop on this train and quick.

Almost a year later, I was walking down a local street searching for a wedding dress with my mother, when I stumbled across a little floral shop. Walking in felt like a dream, everything was put in the perfect spot and the smell of fresh flowers was intoxicating. It was a small shop, but none the less it felt very much like home. The women at the counter was a total goof ball, but was completely in love with her job. She immediately welcomed us and asked us what we were up to today. After stating that we were wedding dress shopping down the street, the women almost exploded with excitement. Asking what the dresses I tried on looked like and if we'd found a florist yet. To my own amusement, I had not really thought about the wedding flowers at that point in time. In my mind I contemplated doing them myself or asking an old friend to help with them. But I knew I really did want flowers. At this point I remember blurting out that I loved working with flowers myself, and the women almost physically jumped in the air with enthusiasm. "You should work here!" she said. As much as I would have loved to work there, I didn't really know if that was for me.

Flash forward to three months later, I started my first day at that very shop. I was head over heels with that place. The smells, the people, the plants, and of course the flowers. Being surrounded by so many beautiful things was calming and made me feel happy again. I don't remember the first arrangement I made, but I do remember how every arrangement made me feel. Being creative for as long as I can remember, I love the happiness that creating makes you feel. The love and balance that it brings to your every day life. This little shop was my happiness.

Every day I would pinch myself, as though I was in a dream and I was going to wake up and have to be at the grocery store clocking in. As the years went by, my passion for floral design grew, more than I ever imagined. I found myself craving more and more growth and learning. I pushed myself into working with different elements and styles, started assisting with weddings and large scale events. Everything was a learning experience. I lived for wedding season. Every wedding was like a work of art from start to finish. Each element was new to me in the beginning. Making sure I didn't over order, taking care of the product, etc. Each weekend that I had a wedding, I challenged myself a little more. I remember the exact bouquet I made when I found the style I loved most. It was such an organic feeling in my hands. The movement of each bloom felt like it was effortless, and that it wanted to be there. I remember when I finished that bouquet, that's when I knew, that making these bouquets and creating this beauty for weddings was where I wanted to be.

When I look back on that shop and everything I learned there, I feel extremely blessed. I never thought I'd own my own business, But I couldn't be happier with where it is now. That little shop was just a stepping stone to find my full passion in floral design. Noble Floral Company started with me running full speed ahead and not looking back, and here we are now.

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